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Our History

Oil States is a highly respected global designer and manufacturer of diverse products for offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, defense and general industrial applications. Since our founding in 1942, we have been known as innovators - crossing new frontiers in all the markets we serve.

1940s. Oil States began as a supplier of rubber components and quickly began manufacturing products for producers in the Texas oil patch. A clutch/brake product line soon followed - precursors to our ElastaFlex® clutches, which are now staples in the marine, mining, paper and logging industries.

1950s. We expanded on our rubber expertise by pioneering the first flexible load bearings for bridges, the first use of a laminated bearing in a structural application. This laminated bearing technology was the foundation for the FlexJoint® product line used today in drilling, production, mooring and structural applications around the globe. We also patented several new items for onshore well servicing, production and drilling.
1970s. Oil States began offering equipment to aid in the installation of fixed platforms and expanded into the deepwater drilling business by offering the Drilling Riser FlexJoint®, solving a huge problem with pressure lubricated ball joints.

1980s. As petroleum exploration depths increased, Oil States responded with new products for TLPs, FPSs, subsea pipeline maintenance and repair, and subsea template installation and leveling.

1990s. Oil States deepwater solutions were implemented for projects such as Norske Shell Troll, Shell Mars, Shell Mensa, Oryx Neptune and Petrobras' P18 FPS. Oil States became a leader in mooring systems, winches, offshore cranes and custom fabricated equipment for the marine industry.
 Breaking new ground since 1942

Oil States invented the now-standard method for installing and leveling fixed platforms.

Oil States designed the first non-rotating, snap-on connections for TLP tethers, conductor casings, risers and subsea pipelines.

Oil States products were used for the first earthquake seismic bearing in the U.S. and the creation of dock hinges for the Alyeska terminal.

Oil States engineered, constructed and installed the world's first steel catenary riser for a floating production system in Brazil.

Oil States was prime contractor for the world's first titanium drilling riser.
2000s. Through internal growth and acquisition, Oil States extended its major product lines to include flexible bearing, advanced connectors and services for installing and removing offshore platforms. Our footprint expanded across 11 countries, with more than 1,900 employees worldwide.

Oil States continues developing revolutionary solutions for challenging offshore deepwater applications for deepwater and fixed platform products and for repairing, maintaining and constructing subsea pipelines. We remain the world leader in providing flexible connections and bearings for drilling vessels, tension let platforms and other advanced sea structures.

Oil States Industries, Inc. Oil States Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Oil States International, Inc. Oil States International, Inc.
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